Volunteer Leadership

Each year, hundreds of NAFSA members volunteer to on committees, knowledge communities, teams, and task forces, and in other volunteer roles. The results of their efforts contribute to NAFSA’s strategic goals to educate international educators throughout their careers, advocate for public policies that lead to a more globally informed, welcoming, and engaged United States, and innovate through cooperative, effective organization. Volunteers are critical to the success of the association’s vision, mission and values. 

Join a NAFSA Leadership Team

NAFSA welcomes applications from members and non-members who represent the wide spectrum of international educators. All applications are reviewed by professional peers. NAFSA values and seeks diversity in our leadership, as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, geographic location, professional level, etc. We seek leaders from all types and sizes of institutions. This intention reflects the commitment outlined in NAFSA's Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

When you decide to become a NAFSA leader, you will receive guidance and support along your journey. Therefore, the association is committed to creating an engaging, accessible, and collaborative environment for NAFSA leaders and the projects generated in partnership with NAFSA staff.

Why is leadership right for you?

Becoming a leader in NAFSA provides you with multiple benefits that enable you to stretch professionally. As a NAFSA leader, you will:

  • Improve transferable skills, including strategic thinking, teamwork, project management, problem solving, decision making, presenting and research
  • Increase your personal visibility and recognition within your institution
  • Enhance the visibility of your institution or organization
  • Amplify your personal brand as a thought leader
  • Build resourceful and supportive relationships with other NAFSA leaders
  • Network and collaborate with high-level professionals
  • Connect to the broader international education conversation
  • Boost your resume and LinkedIn profile with an impressive leadership position in the world's largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange